No more Bookmarking!

With VideoSyncer, you no longer need to bookmark your progress in an online video series. We'll keep track and let you jump right back in, so that you can focus on the important things, the actual video.

What is VSync?

Online Video Synchronization Tool

VSync stands for VideoSyncer. As the name indicates, it is an extension for your browser that keeps track of the online video series you're watching and synchronizes them across all your devices.

VideoSyncer is free to use and you can dowload it here.


How do I use it?

Using VideoSyncer is really easy. There are only three simple steps.

Sign up

Sign up for a free account

Download on all devices

Get the extension on all your devices and login.

Setup once

Setup profiles for your series once, and enjoy them on all of your devices.


There are many ways in which VideoSyncer helps you, here are the main ones.

Progress Tracking

Stop worrying what episode you were at

With VideoSyncer, whenever you are watching an online video in a series you added to VideoSyncer, it will automatically track the video time to the second. VideoSyncer also recognizes when you switch to a new episode and remembers the new url as the current episode.

You can, at any time and on any device, jump right back to the episode you left off. The episode will continue right where you left off. For example you're on your way home and are watching on the phone. You arrive at home and continue on your PC with the large screen, without having to search for the episode or fast-forwarding back to the right time.

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Realtime Sync

Instantaneous sharing

All your data is stored in the cloud and instantly shared across all your devices.

When you click on a new episode and start watching, all your devices notice instantly.

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No need to even click next

As soon as an episode ends or reaches a time limit you define, it will continue on to the next episode.

That way, you can lean back and enjoy the show without any interruptions.

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Open Source

Don't take our word for it

If you're suspicious about hidden evil things VideoSyncer does you don't want it to, or you want to suggest a change, you can check the source code for yourself.


This is what VideoSyncer looks like in action


VideoSyncer is free to use. There is a premium tier for those wanting to support a small development team.


Standard features

  • Progress Tracking
  • Realtime Sync
  • Autoplay
  • Unlimited Series

Additional features

$1 /
  • Everything from Basic
  • Coming Soon

What People Say

Here's what people are saying about VideoSyncer.

Our Team

We are a small development team consisting of two people.


Emanuel developed VideoSyncer on his own and later teamed up with Leon.

Co. Founder

Co. Founder and developer for Wulf.

Co. Founder


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Frequently asked questions by customers.

Does this work on ANY website?

Almost. There are two simple requirements a website must fulfill:

  1. There must be an HTML5 video tag (the norm nowadays, pretty much every site has this)
  2. Each episode must have a unique and identifiable url. '' is fine while '' is not.
Does the free version expire?

No. The free version lasts forever and will always be free.

What is a url pattern?

A url pattern is the pattern VideoSyncer searches for in the url of the websites you visit. As soon as a website matches a pattern, it is recognized as being an episode of the profile it matched with. For example you have the pattern '', that pattern will match when you visit '' and VideoSyncer will then activate on that website.

How do I know you're not secretly doing shady stuff?

VideoSyncer is open-source and you can verify the versions from the stores by building VideoSyncer yourself as described on GitHub.

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